National Novel Writing Month is upon us! I am so very unprepared, but so very excited. At the time of writing this it is 9:34PM and I have reached my word count goal for the day after only about two hours of writing.

1841 words down, too many left to go!

I have to say, after not having done much in the way of preparation, I am proud of myself to have even gotten this far. I was really not looking forward to it this morning, and I was stuck for a while at 500 words, but I got on with it and pushed on ahead. I’m sure what I’ve written is a load of old rubbish, but the main rule of NaNo is to write without worry. All I need to do is get the words down on paper (or screen); I can worry about the content next month.

National Novel Writing Month has always been a blast, and I’m sure I’ll have a lot of fun this year. It’s always great, participating not only in my own novel adventures, but in word wars with others on Twitter and Tumblr, and browsing through the NaNo tags, seeing how others are getting on. It’s like a small competition, but instead of trying to shoot the other competitors down, you try and boost them on and give them a helping hand. It’s a wonderful atmosphere on social networks and I receive a lot of support from family and friends, too.

But, alas, day one is almost over. I always find the first day the hardest, not knowing where to start. But I have a start now! It’s all up from here, I hope.

Tomorrow will be another day of writing, and I still have studying and an essay to do! Oh dear, I’m going to have carpal tunnel before the month is out.


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