Well, so far I have lost two days of writing to my first assingment of my second module.

That sentence does not fill me with hope for the rest of the month. I think I’m going to have to put NaNo off. Today alone I’ve spent six hours trying to gather enough research together.

The assignment itself is relatively small; 250 words for part one, which I’ve done and found easy, and 750 words for part two, which is nigh on impossible. Part one was to write an object description of an Egyptian chess piece, and part two is an object biography of the same piece. There is very little information surrounding the chess piece, and, like I said, I’ve spent six solid hours today trying to piece bits together. So far I have 328 words, probably half of which are in-text references alone. It’s taken me six hours to write 300 words. That’s insane. I have never had this much trouble with an assignment before, and it’s the first one of the damn module!

It’s due in Thursday. I have tomorroe and Thursday morning to finish it. If I’ve not completed it by the time my mentor gets here Thursday morning, I’m going to see if she can cheekily help me. I have had enough of it now.

Hence why I don’t think now is the right time to be doing NaNoWriMo. If I don’t end up doing it properly this month (which let’s face it, I’m far too behind now anyway) then I might do my own version of NaNo next month. Or, thinking about it, maybe January, as Christmas is next month and that’s enough stress to be dealing with.

I’m still not giving up completely. I’ll see where I get to after this assignment is out of the way. There’s still hope yet! But not much.

But hey, tomorrow is another day! Another day of studying no doubt, but I might find it easier with some sleep. I’m hoping so, at least.


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