(I seem to start all my blog posts with ‘so’. Hmm…)

So, NaNoWriMo is completely off the table. I’m sure I’ve said this already, but I’m still bummed that I’m not doing it. Nevermind. But that doesn’t mean I’m not writing. I’m writing this blog post as we speak. I’ve been writing little tidbits here and there, like the one I shared a few days ago. I may not be writing 50,000 words in a month, but I am still writing.

Something has settled firmly in my mind today, but it’s been brewing for a long while. My favourite ‘trope’, if you like, is retellings of fairy-tales. While I’ve not read many, I have watched a lot of films… if that counts for anything. Regardless, I love tho whole idea of revisiting a well-known fairy-tale or folk tale and putting your own spin on it. Something that I frequently look for in the market is LGBT+ fantasy and folklore, and let me tell you, I have not found much. (If you have any suggestions, let me know!)

So, that got me thinking; why don’t I just write my own? I mean, if you want a job doing, do it yourself! Therefore, I’ve decided I’m going to research my butt off, looking up folk tales and fairy tales and myths and legends; well-know, lesser-known… you name it, I want to know about it. I’m not sure how far I’ll get, and I’m not sure if I want to write a complete novel about one tale, or a kind of anthology. I like the idea of a collection of tales with my own spin on them… Like I said, I need to to my homework properly. I don’t know what’s on the market properly; I’ve only looked from a consumer point of view, not a ‘competitor’s’, though I hate that word.

I’ve always loved fairy tales, the LGBT+ community could always use more positive representation (trust me), and I want to write stuff so it’s a win-win, I suppose.


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