I am having a blast coming up with ideas for this new 500-words idea, and I’ve challenged myself to write no more and no less than 500 words. Sticking to word counts and not exceeding them is a skill I need for my university work, but it’s also a fun little challenge for this, too! 500 words exactly… Let’s see how long that lasts!

I came up with today’s on the bus home from work. You’ll understand when you read it, but when I was writing it, it was magical. I think it’s one of my favourite piece of writing I’ve done in a very long time. I may even extend it some time, perhaps into a short story. I think it certainly has potential.

When you read it, I want you to think about what you believe. Do you agree with what I’ve written, or not? There’s no real proof to discredit it, after all…

Do you ever wonder about the world in the reflections? Is it the same as our own, or is it different? Perhaps it’s the polar opposite. Perhaps the terrible day you’re having in this world is your best day yet in the reflection. You lost your wallet here and found a hundred pounds on the floor there. But this world isn’t just bad days; maybe you’ve given birth, but over there, you’re being murdered. World peace is achieved here, and over there another Hitler is rising to power. I suppose it all depends on what you believe. Do you believe in alternate dimensions? Do you believe in a world that exists alongside this one? If not, then those reflections are just that; reflections. But if you do believe, it opens up a whole other side to life!

What if magic existed in that world? What if all the things we thought weren’t real, are, just not in this world? What if they exist only in the reflections? Do you believe in fairies and Santa and dragons? What if, long ago, someone managed to break through from that world to this? Every time a mirror breaks, someone new slips through from that world into this one. Every time you see a shadow in the window, it’s someone from the other side, trying to get through. All those legends and fairy tales and gimmicks we tell our children had to have been started somewhere, right? If you don’t believe, perhaps you’ll say they stem from pagans or our ancestors or they are what they seem to be; made up. And maybe you’re right, but where did they pagans get them from? Where did the inspiration for the make believe come from?

I spend half of my life staring out of windows, and another portion of it staring at what’s in the window. I’ve always wondered about the person staring back at me; are they happy? Are they sad? Are they successful and have everything they want, or are they struggling? I am a believer, and I believe this world, and that world, are not they only ones. The world in the reflection of a mirror could be different to that in the reflection of a window, and different again in the reflection of water. A good world, a bad world, a magical world, a world akin to this one where perhaps everything is black and white. Worlds where you get everything you’ve ever wanted, a world where everything tastes better and depression doesn’t exist. A world where every town and city is war-torn and desolate, a world where we as humans have evolved past basic needs and the life force inside of us is provided by machines; there are so many possibilities, and I believe each and every one of them exists. I find it comforting to know that even if I’m having the worst day of my life, another me out there, somewhere, is having their best day. Do you believe?

Writing aside, it’s nearly Christmas! Perhaps my next post will be festive? Who knows! Even I don’t know yet. I’ve never really been one for Christmas, but this year, I think it might be a good one.

I’ll post again before so, but regardless, happy holidays!


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