Today’s post is a little bit of a cop out. I’ve been sat here for an hour now, trying to think of something to write, and coming up completely blank. Therefore, I’ve decided to share with you an excerpt of my 2012 NaNo win.

The novel as a whole is about a girl who finds herself transported into a fantastical world full of elves – not two-foot high shoemakers or Santa’s helpers; these elves are sharp and intelligent, and she is their long-lost Queen.

I know, it sounds really original, doesn’t it? Since finishing the 50k manuscript, I’ve attempted to rewrite and edit it numerous times, but failed every time. I was so pleased with it when I had done it, so inspired when I was writing it, but now it’s kind of an embarrassment. I have an awful manuscript collecting dust on my harddrive, but it’s the only real work of fiction I’ve ever completed. It’s a shame, really, because I’m sure it has potential (I certainly thought so when I was seventeen) but I haven’t yet managed to find the motivation or inspriation to tap into it. And the saddest thing is, it was planned to be the first in a trilogy. The other two books haven’t yet been planned, let alone written.

Never the less, here is a short excerpt from a dusty novel. This is when the girl, Brenna, has just entered the new, strange land.

“Your Majesty, there’s been a disturbance.”

Ysobel stared passively at the guard before her.

“A disturbance?” the regal woman enquired with a raise of her brow.

“Yes, your Majesty. A Gate, your Majesty. One has been activated and permitted someone entrance.”

Ysobel’s tired demeanour moulded into confused rage.

“What do you mean, a Gate has been activated? They were all shut off near two decades ago! It’s impossible. The Highers saw to that.”

“Well, there was a surge, your Majesty. Everyone is sure. There is an intruder in the kingdom. We need to get you somewhere safe.”

The guard stepped boldly forward and grasped Ysobel by the arm.

“Release me at once!’ Ysobel demanded, pulling her arm from the guards grasp with ease. “You should be dealing with the Gate; I am perfectly safe here.”

“But what if it’s him, ma’am?”

“Just go and deal with it, sir!” she spat, brushing herself off and settling back down. “If you find someone, bring them straight to me. And for Highers’ sake, Nolan, I want them alive!

Nolan bowed deeply and did as he was bid, walking respectfully to the doors before sprinting through them, shouting orders.


Where am I?

Brenna looked around her, taking in her surroundings. There was snow everywhere. This most certainly wasn’t home.

She was stood atop a hill looking down upon a valley. She could see houses and people walking around, and a great lake in the distance, but everything was too far away and Brenna was too dazed to take much in.

There was a dark forest behind her. It wasn’t her beautiful autumn getaway; the trees were dark and tangled together in great masses, almost impenetrable. It exuded darkness and chilled her blood just looking at it. But there was something alluring about it.  There was something alluring about the entire place.

The unblemished snow contrasted starkly with the dark, damp forest. The silence behind her meshed with the sounds below her, and she didn’t know whether she wanted to explore the village and meet the people, or walk into the woods.

But it was dark, and that alone was enough to turn her towards the valley.

Before she did, however, she looked back from where she came.

There was a large hole in the tree at her back. It looked like someone had detonated explosives from inside. Now she was paying attention, she could see the shards of bark at her feet, scattered around. They were charred and smoking.

Frowning, Brenna turned slowly in a circle. Had she done that?

Before she could contemplate turning tail and returning home, someone grabbed her and pinned her arms to her sides.

“Hey!” someone further away, out of sight, shouted. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“I got ‘em. Situation is under control,” the man holding her shouted over his shoulder before spinning her around to face him. “Who are you?” he barked.

He didn’t give her time to answer before he started dragging her through the snow.

It’s not a bad excerpt, I suppose, but it’s not good by any mean, and it’s only 500 words! I’ve always wanted to return to the novel, give it life again and feel the joy that writing it gave me, but I simply don’t know how. Maybe I will. Maybe I’ll use this blog as a segue into re-rewriting and editing it. Probably not, but one can dream!



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