My last post has inspired me. I love world building, and Torpia, since writing the fable about her, has stuck in my head. I want to know her history, her present, and her future. I want to know what happened to her, what happened to the Princess’ child… I want to delve deeper into that world.

I also love magic. I love fantasy and the many creative doors it opens. Very little is unbelieveable in fantasy, if you know how to write it. I’m not saying I’m a genius, but you only learn lots and lots of practice. Nevertheless, fantasy has alwas been and probably always will be my favourite genre both to read and to write. People love to get lost in magical worlds. I know I do!

Today, I thought I’d write a little bit about magic itself, and humankind. You always inject a bit of youself in your writing, but I don’t think this is completely how I feel; it’s much more complicated. I’ve decided to set it in an alternative world, as such, though it seems very reminiscent of ours, I suppose. I was aiming to write from Torpia’s mentor, but I think this post is better suited to an age old tome found in a dusty library. Nevertheless, I think if Torpia found it, she would agree.

They say when the world was created, humans were made in the image of the Almighty. Yet nobody has seen the Almighty in Eras, and nobody can confirm this.

Humans, they say, are the most important, most feared, creatures in our world, but they’re wrong. Magic is greater, more fearsome. Humans, with their guns and knives, cannot compare to one great burst of magic. The only thing that can come close is the destructive power of natural disasters. Humans are destructive to the world around them, to themselves, and to all we hold dear. They take and take and do not give back, and perhaps that is fearsome, but after centuries of the same thing, you tend to get used to it.

Magic, on the other hand, is forever evolving, forever being wielded for good and for evil. Some say humans are born either good or evil, and once you are one, you can never be the other, no more how hard you try. Magic is neither good nor bad; it just is. Magic is only influenced by its wielder.

Magic has been around for longer than the humans, longer than the wielders of it, longer than the animals and the trees and the oceans. It existed before the world itself, some say. Some, perhaps myself included, think the world was created with magic. There can be no other explanation, can there? And if humans are so great, why can they not heal, why do they shun and hate and battle each other? Why does any creature? Magicians wage wars, it’s true, but I have never seen a war in the magical realms to rival that of the War of the Thorns in the 10th Era. The Thorns was a battle that waged for twenty years, and the repercussions of it reached even us. Some argue that this makes humans better, but is the length of a war a fair determinant for greatness? I don’t think so. Personally, I believe this make humans pathetic.

Humans and magicians live side by side, and the humans don’t even know it. Some do, and some have a small amount of power; humans, after all, descended from us, but so much hate and suppression has occurred over the Eras that the humans barely acknowledge the everyday magic that exists. Do not misunderstand; I have no hatred for humankind, but they are arrogant and selfish in a way magicians will never be. You will never see a magician kill a human in cold blood, nor another of our kind. If it ever does happen, the consequences for that person or persons would be astounding, and would shake the magical realms forever.

Magic is as magic does; if you treat it well and do not stray from the Directives, you in turn will be treated well. Humans have their own rules, but seldom do they follow them. They would rather write new ones than face the consequences of the old.

-from Magic’s Past by Escha Miras

I want to keep doing some work in this universe, and I probably will in my own time. I’m not going to post every little update here, because if this does become a novel or something, I don’t want to give it all away!

I am enjoying getting into worldbuilding again, though! I’ve not done it in such a long time, and it’s exciting.

Until next time!


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