It’s been a short while, but I’ve had quite a lot going on recently, so I do apologise.

I’m still hung up on this idea of Torpia, and I think I’ve come up with a new character for the world. Fenix is almost the anti-Torpia. Where she is great and good, he is sneaky and untrustworthy. He and his apprentice, Jestin, trick people out of their money by pretending to tell them the future. It’s a common thing in this world, I think, but Fenix is the best t what he does, and earns (if you can call it earning) a lot of money from his lies. However, I’ve barely developed anything about him, and I let him write this short section for me, really.

I like to rely on my characters when I’m getting to know them. It helps build a better picture in my mind before I delve into the deep stuff. Fenix is, like Torpia, a magician, but he’s cunning and clever in all the worst ways. He is a theif through and through, and I think I may love him.

“You are going to come into a great sum of money very soon.”

The woman looked at Fenix in great excitement. Fenix smiled at her warmly, his right eye twitching slightly.

“Is there anything else you wish to know today, ma’am?”

“Yes, actually. My husband. I fear he has been going to other women behind my back!” The woman’s face seemed to explode into different expressions; Fenix got the feeling this woman had a penchant for the dramatic.

The teller was quiet for a while, the patron’s hands in his left, his right hovering over his crystal ball, eyes closed. “I see another woman, yes.” The patron gasped. “She has long, dark hair and a scar on her left wrist.”

“My sister?! Well, what are they doing?”

Fenix peeked open his eyes and smiled again. “They’re …” he trailed off, loving the build on anxious anticipation. “They’re having tea.”

The woman gasped again. Fenix had to resist the urge to raise his brows and snort in derision.

“Post-coital tea?!” The woman exclaimed, as though this was the first rational thought that anyone would have.

“They’re fully dressed, ma’am.”

“That doesn’t mean a thing. My husband and I always get dressed after coitus.”

Goddess, coitus? Fenix had to hide his snort behind a cough this time. Was this woman for real?

“Oh, well, I cannot say for certain from this, but it is likely that your husband slept with your sister.”

“But he hates her! He never comes with me when I go to visit her! I mean—” she stopped suddenly, her hand flitting to her mouth. “But of course, he wouldn’t want to see her in front of me! The wretch is a terrible liar and knows that I know that. I’d be able to tell instantly that he would rather bed her than his own wife! Thank you, sir! Thank you! I will go and deal with this right away.” She stood quickly, tipping her chair over in her hurry. She paid no mind to it, reaching for her purse and drawing out three crisp notes. “Triple what I owe you, for your marvellous work, sir!”

Fenix took the notes and pocketed them, giving the lady a deep bow. “Ever the servant, ma’am,” he drawled, glad the dramatics were over. The lady smiled warmly, and then, with a determined glint in her eyes, she left.

As soon as the door was shut, Fenix slouched, dropping all pretences.

“Thank the Three for that. Jestin, she’s gone. You can come out.”

A small, weedy-looking boy, no older than sixteen, waltzed into the room from behind a thick curtain that cut the apartment in half.

“I dun’t know why you use your magic for this crap,” Jestin said, eyeing his master wearily.

“’Cus I needs the money, don’t I?” he snapped. “Fetch me a glass.”

“Sir, I dun’t think you should. You got another comin’ at two.”

“You think I give a shite abou’ that? Get me a soddin’ drink, now!”

This is a brief post today, but I just wanted to share my new character with you. I love thinking up new people to fit into my worlds. I have a very long way to go before I can start writing anything solid, but these short sections really do help me build personalities and worlds.

Until next time!


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