Life always finds a way to get in the way, doesn’t it? Couple that with the fact that I am terribly unorganised and you end up with a blog post more than a week after I sad I would post more often!

Nevertheless, I’ve been hit quite often with tidbits of inspiration for the Magician’s idea I came up with a few posts ago. It’s deviated a lot from my original fairytale-type novel idea, but I’m really liking the way it’s heading!

If you can believe it, today’s post does indeed fit into the Magician’s idea, but in a very unexpected way. I’m not going to elaborate very much, because it could very well all change again, but I really enjoyed writing today’s 500 words.

I’ve been reading quite a few ‘whodunnit’ books recently, which surprised me, to be honest. They’re not usually my type of fiction. I enjoy a good plot-twisting film, and of course plot twists are great in books, but the whole ‘I’ve been set up and I’m being framed’ trope is not normally my cup of tea; as you know, I’m much more into fantasy.

However, my recent delve into a different genre has emerged in this piece of writing a little. My ideas usually revolve around some kind of journey with spells and battles and elves and things, and I supposed there are elements of that fantasy world in my current idea, but not how you would expect them to be. But I’m not going to divulge too much information.

I did enjoy writing today’s piece, and I did, in fact, end up wanting to carry on with it, and I certainly will do that in my own time. But for now, here is the latest 500 words!


I read the word over and over. To be lost. The posters had only just been pinned up – I’d seen someone, our local Police Community Support Officer, putting them around the village only minutes ago – but the steady rainfall had already gotten beneath the tape, smudging the ink a little at the edges. I didn’t even know they used standard posters anymore. Nowadays, everything is digital. I continued to stare at the picture, the word, the plea for help from a hopeless family.

My hopeless family.

It was a missing poster for me. I didn’t understand. I am right here! How could I possibly be missing? If posters were already being put up, I must have been assumed missing for a while now. But it was impossible! I ran through my last forty-eight hours. I’d not really done anything of note, to be fair. I’d been holed up in my room for most of the weekend, studying. I didn’t see my family yesterday, but that’s not unusual for a Saturday; mum worked a twelve-hour night shift at the university lab on the Friday, testing the latest strand of Magiq, and spent most of Saturday sleeping, and Sarah usually went to see her girlfriend all day. I saw mum this morning, though, I know I had!

I didn’t talk to her, and she didn’t see me – she was late for her yoga, like always on a Sunday morning. But I had seen her – I lived in the same damned house as her, how could she think I was missing?

My head started to ache and I was shivering. The rain was coming harder now, as though it was reacting to my turbulent confusion. I looked around quickly; I wasn’t sure how long I had been stood, staring at the poster, but it suddenly occurred to me that to someone looking at me from a window, I was stood stock still in the rain, staring at a lamp post.

Slightly embarrassed, it took me a moment to remember what I had been doing before I found out second-hand that I was missing. I thought hard, but the shock of my discovery must have overwritten my previous actions. All I knew was that I had to clear this matter up. I couldn’t comprehend how this had happened, but all I had to do was speak to my mother.

I drew my phone from my pocket, pulled up my mum’s number and hit ‘call’. Nothing. My service bar was full, but there wasn’t even a dial tone. I frowned and tried again. I waited but there was just silence. Huffing, I decided instead to call my sister. Once again, I was greeted with silence.

If I couldn’t call them, maybe I should call the police? I looked around the street again, but the PCSO had disappeared. I pulled a packet of cigarettes from my pocket, lit one with difficulty in the rain, and set off down the street to find the police officer.

I have very little knowledge surrounding missing persons and the police, I’ll admit, but for the most part, this is just a small piece of a much larger puzzle. I feel that the police themselves won’t have a huge role in the story, but who knows? Even I don’t know. I’m constantly changing my mind, scrapping ideas and coming up with new ones. I’ve learned not to become too hung up on any one idea, at least until I get a solid foundation set.

I do want to apologise once again for being very unorganised and not keeping to my word about updating more frequently. The coming weeks are going to be quite busy for me, but I do hope, in the long run at the very least, to post more often. I need to keep up with my writing, after all, and this idea might just give me the motivation to do that!

Until next time!


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