I keep sitting down to write posts, and getting distracted by other things. Luckily, though, recently I’ve been studying, so at least I’ve been doing something productive. I’ve got a lot coming up in the next few weeks, but maybe one day we’ll have frequent posts being made…

Having frustrated myself by being unable to think for myself, I returned to the world of random generation. I stumbled across a website that feeds you a random line from a random book – usually classics – and decided to use that for today’s inspiration!

I’ve actually written near 1000 words, but I’m only going to share 500 of them; at that’s one thing I’m sticking to, eh? The line is from War and Peace, which I’ve never read and know nothing about (though I can hazard a guess… It’s kind of terrible I don’t know anything about it, being a literature student) and I’m pretty sure my Prince and his trustful servant are not what Tolstoy envisioned. Nevertheless, here you are. Like most of my writing, I hashed it out, skimmed through it and am now posting it. Editing is not my friend.

Today’s line: “We start tomorrow and I’m giving you a place in my carriage.”

James gazed at Merrick, surprised.

“You mean that, sir?”

“Yes, James. You will ride with me tomorrow eve, and accompany me across the country. Are you prepared to defend me with your life?”

“Of course, sir! I will not disappoint you, sir.”

“You had better not. Now come, we have much to do before we leave.”

James followed Merrick dutifully, the corners of his lips turned upwards. To join his master was a great honour, and he swore to himself in that moment that he would not let Merrick down.

As James half-ran to keep up with Merrick’s long strides though the castle, he glanced this way and that, trying to commit the hallways and closed doors to memory. He had never been permitted into this part of the castle before, and he kept asking who lived behind this door, of whom was that painting, where are we going?

“James, if you don’t stop your jabbering, I will forget about letting you join me. Now shut up and hurry your steps.”

James’ master had always been brazen and blunt, but he knew that beneath the stony exterior, Merrick cared greatly for his people.

After losing track of the twists and turns they had taken, they finally stopped somewhere in the west wing, near the top of the highest tower. James wondered who they were here to see. Merrick knocked twice before entering. His companion hesitated a moment before following, unused to just waltzing into other’s rooms without permission. The room beyond the heavy doors was plainly decorated, not unlike his own home. He knew the towers of Merrick’s castle housed the mages and tinkerers, and he could hear something boiling and bubbling in a corner out of sight. A potions master, perhaps?

As James was marvelling at the shelves filled with strange objects and trinkets, his master had disappeared.

“Through here, you moron!” he heard Merrick’s voice to his right, and followed it into a small bed chamber. Upon the bed was a slumbering woman, clearly nude, laying on her stomach.

“Sir! I don’t think we—”

“Shut up!” Merrick hissed, bent over the sleeping lady. He reached out a hand towards the woman’s pillow.

Quick as a flash, a small hand with slender fingers shot out of the coverlet and gripped Merrick’s wrist tightly.

“I wouldn’ do tha’ if I were you, lad,” she drawled. She peeked out of one eye before sighing. “Oh, it’s you.” She released the prince’s arm and pushed herself up until she was sat on her knees. “Wha’ d’you want’?”

“Milady, I was hoping you could provide us with some… help.” Merrick didn’t seem fazed by the woman’s nakedness, but James didn’t know where to look. “I heard tell of you provided certain services—”

“Sir!” James said, outraged. “You keep whores in your castle?”

“You little bastard! I ain’t no whore!” she said, her eyes flashing malevolently. She turned her eyes, then, to Merrick, narrowing them suspiciously. “Wha’ is it you want?”


I feel like I could work this into the Magician’s world, but I doubt I will. This was just a bit of fun. But who knows? Maybe James and Merrick will cameo! I don’t know where I’m going with the Magician’s thing, and I don’t have a lot of time coming up to really focus on it. But I am attached to the idea, and really think it could go somewhere.

Until next time!


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