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I warned you I had a lot coming up recently, didn’t I? I hope I did. In the past two weeks, I’ve had back surgery (again), a funeral, and the mother of all assignments. In the next four weeks I have my stitches coming out, a day school, revision and the dreaded exam. Hopefully, after June 2nd, I should have a lot more free time. My second module will be over (if I pass the exam) and I can devote more time to this blog. Whether or not that will happen is yet to be seen, but I can wish. I love writing, and I love everyone who reads this blog and for sticking with me, even if I don’t post for weeks at a time. One day, I’ll be better. One day!

But I digress. We have a few new characters to add to the Magician’s world! Exciting news! Audrey and Candace (though the names are by no means set in stone) have joined the world in a flurry of action. Audrey is a little ball of energy, ready to climb up the ladder to be the best. Candace is your typical ball-of-rage-but-actually-really-sweet girl, who loves Audrey to death. I love these two. I may have only just met them, but I love them dearly already. I hope they’re permanent residents in the world, but who can say for sure?

I hope you love them as much as I do!

“They’re coming!” Audrey whispered furiously, grabbing Candace’s hand. “We have to go!”

Candace glanced around the packed ballroom, her body falling into its natural fighting stance. She nodded once and followed Audrey out into the corridor. “We can’t just leave, we have no supplies!”

The smaller girl stopped, dropped Candace’s hand and tugged her dress up past her ankles. She had always hated these stuffy dances and heavy gowns, and they certainly didn’t make for a quick getaway.

“Right. Come on, then. We’ll take the servants’ stairs.”

Both girls ran as quickly and silently as possible through the halls of the institute. The servants’ stairs were narrow and creaky, but provided access to the entire building from between the walls. They quickly reached Audrey’s rooms, and burst in.

They were too late. Three black-clad, masked figures jumped back from their rifling of Audrey’s belongings.

“Ah, there you are,” one of them drawled. It was a woman’s voice, which Audrey assumed was supposed to put them at ease, women banding together and all that, but it just served to make her angrier.

“I wish you’d piss off,” Candace said, the nonchalance in her voice clashing with her fighting stance.

The woman chuckled mirthlessly. “Yes, I suppose you do. And we’ll go, once we have the girl.”

It was Candace’s turn to laugh. “You really think you can take us on?”

The woman’s whole demeanour changed. Though it was impossible to see her face under the mask, her voice grew cold and her shoulders stiffened. Audrey had the impression she was offended.

“This had nothing to do with you, sweetie,” she spat. “Just give us the girl and we’ll be on our way.”

Candace threw a hand out sideways and Audrey felt the cold sensation of a shield being erected around her. She took a step backwards, hoping the woman’s attention was focussed on Candace, but her two cronies, of whom Audrey had almost forgotten about owing to their sullen silence, noticed, and rushed her.

It was pandemonium. Audrey saw the woman throw herself at Candace before she was thrown off her feet by the bigger of the two bodyguards. The shock of being attacked had obviously interfered with Candace’s concentration, and the shield had failed.

Panting, she tried getting to her feet, but one of the bodyguards had gotten the better of her, and pinned her to the ground with his foot. He grunted at the other to “help Mary”. Struggling for breath under the brute’s foot, Audrey lay helpless.

The was a sudden yelp of pain and a crash, and Candace came into view.

“I’ve taken two of you down. Don’t think a second I can’t take all three,” she snarled, getting ready to take on the world.

The brute laughed gruffly, and increased the pressure on Audrey’s chest. She tried to gasp for breath, but nothing happened. Stars were forming around the edges of her vision but in her oxygen-starved haze, she saw Candace being thrown across the room.

I’m thinking of making Audrey the main character. I have a plethora of character ideas, however, and there’s no telling who will and won’t make it into the final cut. I’ve barely even scratched the surface with planning, so who knows? Not me, that’s for sure!

I’m hoping to make at least one more post before my exam, but I have a lot of revision I need to do, so that will, unfortunately, be taking up a lot of my time. If I can’t, I hope this is enough to assuage your undoubtable desire for my writing until then! (I’m kidding, thought it’s a nice thought that there’s at least one of you who waits patiently for my next post…)

Until next time!


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