It’s July! That means it’s Camp NaNo time! Unfortunately, I’m far too busy to participate, and to be completely honest, I had forgotten about it until only a few days ago. I’m currently between interviews for a new job, I’m still trying to sort out the collosal mess that is Student Finance, and I simply haven’t prepared anything. So I’m sitting this one out. However, I’ll still be writing in my own time without the pressure.

Today’s blog post is a little weird. I’m just going to say it. I wanted a meeting between the primary protagonist and antagonist, discussing ancestory, and while I have done that sonewhat, it’s not quite what I wanted. But this is what happens when you write; your characters tend to take the lead and you’re just holding the pen, so to speak.

But we do see the return of Audrey and Fenix! I’m not really liking their names, but I have no idea what to change them to, so I’ve just left them for now. This little scene would happen before either of the other scenes with the characters, just for a little context. But without further ado, here it is!

Audrey smiled widely, continuing her tale. “—and every night, Mother would ask me what I wanted to read; each night I said I wanted the ‘Trees’. Of course, I meant the Book of Genealogy with its family tree of my heritage. And you can see, sir, quite plainly, that the Great Torpia is my Great-Great-Great and so on Grandmother!”

Fenix snorted derisively. “She ain’t your great nothing, lass,” he said, folding his arms. He was clearly unimpressed.

“Of course she is!” Audrey retorted, frowning. She opened the massive tome to her name, right at the end of the book. “See? Here I am, and here she is.” She flicked back many pages, her ancestors kicking dust into her face.

“Look, I’m tellin’ you, kid. You ain’t related to that bitch. Nobody is related to her. She din’t have kids, see? And she ain’t all that great if you ask me.”

Audrey closed the book with a snap and drew herself up to almost the same height as Fenix. “Well, I didn’t ask you, did I?”

“You’re here to impress me, lass. You want your bit o’ Magiq? You gotta go through me to get it, and as far as I can see, you ain’t nothin’ special. Get out of my sight with your fairy tales. You aughta get your head out the clouds, lass.”

“You’re lying,” she spat.

“You got no idea, kid,” Fenix snarled, “but I ain’t lyin’ about this. You ain’t a descendant of her. Now go. I got others to assess.”

Audrey was ready to leave with her tail between her legs, but then something occurred to her.

“No,” she said firmly, turning away from the door and walking back over to Fenix. He looked imposing in his crisp lab coat, and she faltered for a moment, but she didn’t lose her nerve. “No, I won’t go. I have just as much right as anyone else to a Magiq power. Whether I’m related to the Great Torpia or not, I still have rights. And I have the money. You can’t just turn me away because I don’t fit the bill.”

Fenix’s right eye twitched as he grinned, and Audrey thought, for a split second, that she had won. At least, until Fenix opened his mouth.

“You ain’t getting nothing out o’ me with your sob story, lass. I ain’t got no heart for that. You either get out, or I call Jestin to make you get out.”

Audrey had no idea who Jestin was, and his name was a funny one, not exactly fear-inspiring, but, angry and humiliated, she spun on her heel and left. She hadn’t heard the next candidate entering the room, but in her haste to leave, she clashed shoulders with another girl, beautiful and fair, with the Institute’s emblem scarred into her forehead. She mumbled an apology, but it made no use. Just before the door closed behind her, she heard, quite distinctly, “Get out of here, mongrel!” and two laughing voices.

I’m going to let you figure out who the mystery girl at the end is. It’s probably extraordinarily obvious, but I’d like to hear your opinions!

I’m not overly happy with this piece, but I’m not mad at it, either. It’s one of those bits of writing that you write without really thinking about it, and when you get to reading it back through, you’re very unsure about it. That being said, I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Camp NaNoWriMo to those taking part!

Until next time.


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